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Safety Tips While Using Electricity

Construction workers, electrical engineers, electricians, umbrellas, carpenters, tree trimmers and many other professionals use electricity regularly. Since the use of electricity can be quite dangerous, it is important for these professionals to follow certain safety tips during the work. Below is a list of electrical safety tips that can reduce …

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How a Motorcycle Wreck Can Derail Your Career

Sometimes you come back from TBI and can go back to the usual way. In other cases, you may have to deal with these symptoms for months or more. Over time, this may mean lost promotions, lost opportunities, and new employers who simply do not want to hire you. Worse, …

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Truck Side Underride Guards at Issue in Truck Accident Lawsuit

Florida truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries, devastating families, and cause enormous costs to society as a whole. At the same time as the conversation is unimpressed by the truck's automotive industry and other futuristic advances that would help us close the car crash, these views are far from reality. …

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