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Changing your Solicitors in a Personal Injury Claim

We often get instructions from customers who have become unhappy with the performance of their existing personal injury lawyers. Customers are free to choose which lawyers they want to teach and if you are dissatisfied with the level of service you receive, we ask you to contact us.

I recently accepted a claim on behalf of a young man who was injured in a road accident. His previous lawyers had to put pressure on him when he was far from recovering from accident-related injuries. He turned to our office one day with his mother. They had just arrived at a court hearing where the judge refused to accept the decision his lawyers had negotiated with the defendant's insurance company because he had not fully recovered from his injury. As I talked to them, it became clear to me that he needed more care before the claim should be resolved or resolved.

I agreed to take the matter and received his document from his previous lawyers. Then I attended the next court session with the client and his mother. We asked the Court to give us more time to organize the treatment and stop the medical evidence. Fortunately, the Court of Auditors agreed and its session will begin soon. There is a very good chance that when he is released from treatment, he will be completely returned. At this point, we can appreciate his demands and start negotiations with the defendant's Insurers.

Final Solution

When we have negotiated the solution, we should be able to get the final solution approved by the Court of Auditors to receive compensation when he turns 18. The customer and his mother are very grateful for our proactive and friendly approach and have said they want them to have given give us instructions from the beginning.

We get a lot of instructions from new customers who want to take files from another company. We see that they are very pleased with the effective and personal service we offer, so much that they recommend us to their friends and families on a regular basis.

If you would like to discuss the transfer of a claim to this company, please contact us today and one of our teams will talk to you for free!

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