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New Developments Regarding Oregon Hemp

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<p> Last week, the Oregon Ministry of Agriculture ("ODA") submitted <a href= letter of intent to the US Department of Agriculture ("USDA"), where a government agency announced its decision to submit a state hemp plan under the Agricultural Law 2018 (" 2018 Farm Act ] ").

In addition to legalizing hemp production by removing cultivation from the List of Controlled Substances, the 2018 Farm Act delegates extensive powers to states and Indian tribes to regulate and restrict the production of hemp and hemp products in their territory. In particular, subheading G of the new Farm Act sets out a regulatory framework whereby states and Indian tribes can apply for a primary regulatory authority for hemp production. In order to become a primary regulator, states and Indian tribes have to submit a plan to the USDA Secretary for review and approval. Before the Secretary can review and approve state plans, he must publish the rules and regulations for these plans

Alexis Taylor, director of ODA, told the secretary of his department's desire to receive instructions from the USDA on the requirements of state implementation plans. More specifically, Taylor highlighted the need to demand a growing confusion in the transhipment of hemp. The director of the ODA explained that the delays in drafting the rules expose Oregon's hemp industry to "unnecessary restrictions on transport and trade" and further stated that "additional guidance that would make the flow of hemp in cross-border trade crucial for Oregon farmers." As previously explained transhipment of hemp is lawful for hemp grown according to a plan approved by the USDA in accordance with the 2018 Farm Act


The ODA letter highlights the country's strong regulation in crop production and the Agency's desire to stay at the forefront of hemp production. Official development aid targets for hemp also appeared in Finland last week. A few days before it published its statement to the USDA, the Oregon Department presented temporary hemp rules in accordance with the Oregon Code of Conduct (603-048). Provisional rules that came into force immediately bring the rules and testing of hemp for human consumption in accordance with the requirements of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) ORS 571.330 . (This provision stipulates that industrial hemp and hemp for human consumption must be tested in the same way as marijuana according to OHA rules. OHA has recently adopted new marijuana testing guidelines that forced official development aid to change its rules.)

In addition to reviewing ODA testing rules, the proposed rules clarify accounting requirements. The Oregon Department announced that it is developing a model that allows registrant educators and processors to use to ensure that their accounting records meet the requirements of official development assistance. The template will be published on the ODA website as soon as it is available. Finally, as explained recently the state legislature passes the hemp bill at this session.

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