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Kansas Doctor Imprisoned for Improper Opioid Prescriptions

The United States has faced many crises caused by the introduction of substances that lead to enormous abuse and crime. Crack cocaine, met, heroin, and other dangerous drugs have claimed thousands of lives and put more and more people in prison. In recent years, the United States has experienced a new crisis due to a highly dependent substance but this time the game has changed. Instead of making thousands of drugs in illegal laboratories and dealing with backwaters, thousands are addicted to the simple definition of FDA-approved drugs.

A Kansas physician responsible for opioid overwriting

Recipe opioids have caused enormous pain and suffered from their incredible addiction and dangerous effects associated with their abuse. The doctor has a duty to ensure that patients do not harm such prescriptions, but some doctors, such as Wichita doctor, Steven R. Henson have finally caused serious damage to opioids.

Dr. Henson was convicted and sentenced to live in prison for several charges ranging from conspiracy to prescription outside medical practice to prescribe opioids in dangerous quantities that led to the death of one of his patients. The point is that such irresponsibility is not uncommon, especially when it comes to prescriptions. Doctors can do what is called medical malpractice and injure patients when they provide treatment that does not meet their expected standards.

Medical Misconduct

] Medical Abuse is when a physician causes injury to a patient due to negligence that violates their expected standard . Patients who have been injured by medical malpractice are entitled to injured damages . These injured patients can take legal action through medical abuse. If the plaintiff is able to prove that the attending physician or similar responsible party violated the expected level of care, they should be able to reach a settlement or in some cases to deprive them of their rights to compensation.

When taking legal action for medical abuse, it is important that you consider hiring a lawyer. An experienced lawyer with successful medical malpractice can give you the best opportunity to maximize your solution and ensure that you receive compensation. Matt Dolman and the other Dolman Law team are well versed in handling medical abuses; especially for injuries caused by prescriptions. Let us help you when you focus on recovery. Our attorneys fight for you and get great business results with a little tough personal attention.

Opioids and Dangers of Determining Them

Prescription drugs are a completely legal but highly addictive drug, typically used as painkillers. Although there is no technical problem with prescribing opioids in patients, there are serious risks. Opioids are in fact drugs and contain drugs such as heroin. It is no coincidence that prescription opioids are in the same drug family as heroin. They both work very closely with attaching to opioid receptors and assuring the body that it does not feel pain. As heroin opioids are highly dependent on the point that addicted persons must constantly take higher doses because they form tolerance. Eventually, opioid-dependent people get to the point where they have a huge risk of overdose or health problems because opioids react poorly to another substance.

Opioid Prescription Dependence

The general problem with opioid prescription is that people develop dependence on the opioid drug but their prescription is of course leaving them addictive and legal way to spoil it . Often these people have no choice but to turn to illegal methods to get their prescription opioids, or even to resort to dangerously similar heroin, which is often much easier to get.

This happened with Dr. Henson. He apparently used opioid prescription to depend on his patients so that he could then take advantage of the economic benefits. He would actually have falsified prescriptions to sell dangerous amounts of opioids to patients who no longer need drugs.

Abuse of Prescription Medicine

Dr. Henson made a clear violation of the law and absolutely a violation of ethical rules. Doctors like him distort the patient's trust and leave them with considerable damage. In the case of Dr Henson, he faces criminal charges and his misconduct falls under criminal law. His patients still suffer serious damage that they are likely to resist and want compensation they would have to try to get medical abuse under civil law.

There are many other cases in which doctors injure patients with an opioid prescription without a criminal purpose. Many doctors may simply be negligent and simply harm the patient without defining the right amount . In other cases, the physician simply cannot monitor the effects of the patient and the opioids they give. The doctor may also be careless when they determine an opioid that may have a bad reaction with another drug or an existing health problem that they have not checked. t

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