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New Concussion Test Approved for U.S. Market

In the USA, non-invasive shock test for children and adults is available

] and other forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be difficult to diagnose definitively. Although parents and sports coaches may have difficulty in making sure they see signs and symptoms of concussion of young athletes, medical professionals, for example, can make mistakes by diagnosing brainstorming in certain situations and thus make it more difficult for the right concussion load. recently published in Medpage Today The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved. a new non-invasive brain test available to patients in the US market.

According to the new brain test, the article says "no basic assessment is needed" and it only takes four minutes. It has been approved by the FDA for use in patients aged 5 to 67 years. Oculogica, a neurodiagnostics company, is a manufacturer of a brain test that is sold in the United States as EyeBOX. It is the first one that the FDA accepts. The product was originally only available on "selected, qualified sites." An FDA-approved EyeBOX "de Novo" route, a medical device approval route for "new low-fat devices".

How does the Eye Concussion Test Work? The article explains that “patients look at a short video that has their head set in jaw and forehead rest, similar to those in Optometry clinics. it is used in in children with suspected concussion and is 84% ​​accurate when used in patients on average 22 weeks after the original injury. Based on these first results, it is hoped that EyeBOX can be an important brainstorming exercise for young people. The study evaluated the accuracy of the stroke test in 282 patients with both children and adults.

Getting Losses

How often do concussions occur and what other concussion information should be known if patients and their families know? USA. (CDC) explains that concussions are mild traumatic brain injury, and TBIs are "the biggest cause of death and disability in the United States". some facts and figures about concussions and TBIs in general that may help in total disruption treatment:

About 30% of TBI deaths, Most TBIs TBIs made 2.8 million emergency departments and hospital care in 2013 and over 50,000 deaths Between 2007 and 2013, TBI emergency department visits increased by almost 50 percent Approximately 329,000 children and adolescents get concussions of young sports due to sport-related injuries Falls is the leading cause of TBI target is the second leading cause of TBIs in all age groups Motor vehicle collision injuries are the third most important cause of TBI; and Between 2001 and 2012, sports-related TBIs increased by over 50 percent among children and adolescents.

If your child or someone you love is suffering from concussion, you should learn

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