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Accidents: The importance of reporting them

When we receive a new query for a personal injury claim, it is common to notice that the accident causing the accident has not been reported to the defendant either formally in the accident record or at all.

In these circumstances, the organization to which you claim may deny liability on the basis that there is no evidence that the event has occurred, which makes it more difficult than might be successful.

It is very important that the victim of the accident takes care that all information related to the accident is recorded as soon as possible after it has occurred, if they are considering making a claim. Whether you have had an accident at a supermarket, a street, a restaurant, or even an accident at work, you need to make sure that a detailed report of the accident is made when or as soon as possible and that the information contained is correct.

We all know that after an accident, the first thing you think is not about it, but to take care of the injuries, whether you need to go to the hospital or doctor and get over the initial confusion.

It is also generally believed that once you have completed the first steps to make a claim, the lawyer will notify you of the accident. It is much easier to say that an accident has occurred when an injured person has reported an accident as soon as possible after an accident. This means that there is already a record for the defendant or their insurers. It may even mean that sustainability studies have already begun.

Below is a brief guide to reporting an accident:

An accident at a supermarket, shop, or other premises

Find an employee because they can help you report an accident. A member of staff usually records an accident in the accident record and you may need to sign a copy (make sure you accept the description first). If they do not record the accident at that time, consider the name of the employee so that they can be identified later. It would also be desirable to take pictures of the area on your phone and request a copy of CCTV. If there is no one during the accident, follow this by phone and / or letter or email to the company.

Accident on the street – Measure and photograph first before reporting!

Most of the Council's websites have their own section on online bugs and accidents. They often have an email address to contact. However, it is always most effective to invite the Council and report directly to them, so you know that your accident has been recorded. Be sure to take detailed photographs and measurements of an error that shows its width, height, and location as soon as possible after it has occurred, and before reporting an accident to the Council as they can correct it before you can return. Remember to ask the Council to keep a copy of the relevant CCTV for lawyers. If you are not sure how to measure the fault, contact the lawyers or us.

Occupational Accident

Report it as soon as possible to the manager and make sure it is recorded in the accident record. It is also wise to ask if CCTV is available, and if any of your colleagues has experienced an accident, contact them because they can give a statement.

Road Traffic Accidents

You can usually exchange information with another driver. If someone is seriously injured, another driver does not stop or you seriously suspect that the driver is intoxicated or not insured, you should inform the police as soon as possible.

As with other accidents, pictures, movies and / or CCTV are very useful, so get or ask for them. If the police are involved or reported, the lawyers need the name of the official concerned, the number of the collar and the place of residence and all the reference numbers given by the police. If you have a mobile phone with you, always make sure you describe the damage and license plates of the vehicles involved.

The names and contact details of witnesses may be very important for your claim.

Reporting to a doctor

It is also important that when looking for a doctor, whether it is a GP, a hiking center or a hospital, make sure you give them a clear description of how, where and when you have supported the injury.

If you have enough luck to maintain serious injuries and have to go to the hospital immediately, make sure you or someone on your behalf quickly reports the accident as described above.

If you have any questions or questions about reporting an accident, please contact us. Email info@tayloremmet.co.uk or call us 0114 218 4000. ]

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