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Facebook Live Video Leads to Nursing Home Abuse Case in Chicago

We rely on nursing homes to provide parents with quality care that our loved ones deserve, which they deserve. However, sometimes nursing homes are abusive and harm the elderly to our adults rather than helping them to lead healthy, happy lives in the golden years.

Recently, a 76-year-old family with dementia sued a nursing home in South Holland, Illinois. The family claimed that nurses forced her to reveal her genealogy on Facebook earlier this year. Read more about this unfortunate situation

If you believe that your older loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect of a nursing home, contact an experienced Chicago Medical Specialist Staver Accident Vamma Lawyers, PC Call us at (312) 236 -2900 or use the online contact form for more information on your legal options.

Abuse of a Nursing Home in the South of Holland


According to a lawsuit, nurses walked in a room at Reggie Doe to bully and abuse her. Doe suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with dementia during the event, and the caregivers were targeted at her because she was vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

Six employees told Doe to take off their pants and reveal their genitals when they made their abuse on Facebook.

It's especially about how many nursing staff were there to testify on Facebook. Doe & # 39; s lawyer wondered if someone was left to help other patients.

Jane Doe, Has a daughter applied for a son for her father, which is considered a plaintiff. He explained that, while cyber bullying is common, it is not expected to be in the home environment. The Doe's family hopes for $ 50,000 in punitive damages.

Most Common Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse

Although this abuse of home living nursing on Facebook is rare, there are many common signs of nursing abuse, including:

Bruises, bears and scratches: Bruising, scratches and scratches can occur when a resident of a nursing home is stuck or arrested. Look at your loved ones on wrists, ankles and upper arms, as they are areas that are easy to grasp and limit them. Social withdrawal: If your older loved one is physically wrong, they can isolate themselves because they are afraid. Poor hygiene: Unfortunately, nursing staff members can ignore the personal hygiene of your parents and leave them in dirty clothes that are poorly treated and dressed. Repetitive Behavior: One of the most common indicators of emotional abuse is repeated behavior. If your older loved one is constantly reciprocating, mute or suck, they can be victims of emotional abuse. Fractured Bones: A parent may be fractured without breaking down, restraining or being beaten. The doctor may tell you the reason for the difference between the fractures and the fractures caused by the abuses.

What to do if you discover a nursing home abuse

If you find that a parent may be a victim of medical abuse, you should talk to your nursing administration about your concerns. If nothing is done to resolve the situation, you may need to contact the police and remove your parent's home to make sure they are safe.

You should also contact a highly trained medical attorney who can help you determine if the parent has misused. If they find that your older loved one has been abused, they can help you to prove abuse and claim claims to a nursing home or party.

Contact Staver's Lawyers for Disabled People, PC

If you suspect abuse of nursing, please contact your company immediately. We can help you find out if abuse is present and guide you through the claim submission process. Call Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C. at (312) 236-2900 or use the online contact form today.

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