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Winter Brings Slip and Fall Risks

Icy sidewalks and parking spaces can cause slip and fall hazards. affect shopping in large urban areas such as New York and Philadelphia. At the same time, stable weather conditions and freezing temperatures that remain stable can pose a serious danger to the accident and injuries outdoors. NBC News recently published report has slipped and dropped into parking areas and sidewalks during early winter season punctures and pedestrians need to understand dangers on slippery surfaces

We often think of motor vehicles that slide on ice on freeways or bridges , leading to serious car accidents. Although ice can cause serious dangers on the road, it can also damage outdoor trails, parking areas, sidewalks and cross-beams. The report states in particular that 'secondary streets' are often more turbulent and cooler after the storm because they are not plucked or salted as fast as large routes, and ice has not often been worn due to footpaths.

To prevent severe ice-induced slippage and fall, be careful not to see paths that appear to be impermeable, carpet surfaces, and pavement surfaces that may be exposed to black ice. Try to avoid using stairs for outdoor use without first checking that they are salted and make sure there is a railing that will help you stay stable in the case of slippery stairs. These steps are particularly important for the elderly who have a higher risk of fracture in slipping and falling. In addition, parents who drive small children on a stroller must be aware of the risks of slipping and falling so that they do not harm themselves and their children.

If you notice slipping and falling, it is important to be able to calculate the risk of the least serious injury. The report emphasizes that pedestrians should "roll in the autumn", which means trying to roll back and rotate in the fall and not fall forward. In addition, it is important to relax as much as possible when you find that you are dropping and get help immediately after the fall if you feel you are hurt.

Tips for Safe Winter Walking

To avoid a dangerous slip and fall accident on an icy path, the report recommends the following:

] Don't try to walk down the street or Non-cleaned or salted sidewalk Use non-slip shoes or boots; Weather channel ] ] this winter:

Use multiple layers to help you stay If you find yourself trembling constantly, you should go inside; Don't move yourself by shoveling or doing other outdoor activities; and Use rock salt or de-icing chemicals to avoid slipping and falling into your own stairs or driveway.

If you are injured in slipping and falling, the property owner may be responsible.

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