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Lyft Driver Killed in Crash by Drunk Driver

Uber and Lyft Cover for Driving Rideshare Accidents

A The Lyft driver died in a car accident February 3, by another driver who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol. The 32-year-old driver Mary Singhavong apparently looked like a red light and hit three cars at Hudson Avenue and Norton Street in Rochester, New York.

A Lyft driver named Eric Jones, 29, was killed when his Ford Taurus used to work for Lyft. they managed to reach two other vehicles whose passengers were able to walk without damage.

During the accident, Lyft driver Eric Jones was taking his Lyft passenger to his destination. Lyft passenger Eric Jones in a hospital hospital, which was significant, albeit non-fatal. Mary Singhavong also had a passenger in her vehicle in the event of a serious accident. The authorities charged Singhavong on Friday for a first-degree vehicle attack and a second-degree vehicle killing, both of which were robberies.

Liability and Insurance of the Lyft Accident

The parties involved after this tragic event are likely to experience some inconsistency. Such accidents cause serious injuries and can lead to death such as Eric Jones. Many people usually want to apply for compensation for the damage which has been caused by the party responsible

guilt of the accident. The problem is that there may be confusion about where this compensation comes from because it was a Lyft vehicle that adds to the unique side of the accident.

The Lyft or Uber Accidents have grown quite commonly and damage many people every year. Thanks to this new accident event, every year it contributes to a large number of accidents, Uber and Lyft must insist on insurance covering accidents caused by their vehicles under certain circumstances.

t What they have to go through is an injury, not a person who may be guilty of an accident. However, when a car accident victim suffers from permanent or serious injury, they can go ahead and go out of Florida's fault policy and leave a car accident claim for complete compensation.

In the case of a Lyft or Uber rideshare accident, the insurance coverage they provide is the last resort. Uber and Lyft have practices that cover at least $ million in $ damage, but this only starts when the fault driver is not insured or if the insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover the extent of the damage. There are also many other criteria related to this coverage based on the phase of the Lyft or Uber run-in process.

Uber and Lyft Accident Insurance

Lyft can provide $ 1 million coverage for accidents that occur on their vehicles, but this only triggers under certain circumstances. To be able to apply this coverage, the Uber or Lyft driver must either drive the passenger to their destination or be on a journey that they have accepted. If the Uber or Lyft driver does not work actively with the application or waits for a riding request, they cannot obtain Lyft or Uber coverage .

Case Study: Eric Jones Lyft Driver's Death and Potential Compensation

In the case of Eric Jones, he was in the middle of giving a ride to a Lyft customer. This meets the requirement of one Lyft insurance cover . The accident was not his guilt, and it was caused by Mary Singhavong, so it would be through her assertion that of illegal death would be given . Remember, if the accident were just hurt by Eric Jones, but not permanently or seriously, then, according to Florida's fault policy, he would go through his own insurance instead of being guilty. In this case, the death of the accident gives the opportunity to leave a fault that is not anti-defective against the wrong.

Not only Eric Jones, but also his passengers, could make their claims with Mary Singhavong's insurance. If he has no insurance or his insurance coverage is considered to be inadequate to cover the damage of Eric Jones and his Lyft passenger, Lyft's quilt will hit.

t also occurs due to negligence of another driver. When this happens, Uber and Lyft drivers can sustain serious or permanent injuries that may allow them to claim compensation by not claiming damages outside Florida's defect policy. It is possible that they have to go through rideshare insurance because the fault party has either insufficient coverage or no coverage at all.

This can be a very difficult process. Especially when the driver can be injured or in the case of Eric Jones died due to an accident. Whether it is to indemnify for permanent injury, such as traumatic brain injury or to compensate for the damage caused by illegal death, it is advisable to introduce a professional lawyer specializing in Uber or Lyft.

Searching for an experienced Uber and Lyft Accident Adviser

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