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If You Register Your Cannabis Trademark, Beware of Scams

 Cannabis Brand Scam "width =" 360 "height =" 360 "/> We hear from customers who receive <a href= fraudulent notifications of US federal trademark applications and since we saw scams in these scams last month, we thought that it would be wise to publish a PSA topic together, what to look for if you are a trademark applicant or owner.

These trademark scams often come in the form of an official letter or invoice requesting a payment associated with the trademark application. These letters can be mailed or emailed, formatted as an official government document, and detailed information about your trademark application, including the trademark. All of this is public information and is easily accessible to better or worse potential cheats.

Customer's customers recently received a letter from Trademark Selection, Inc., requesting a registration fee of $ 1, 360. The letter also provided instructions for a Florida account, and a very fine print at the bottom found that "by paying the amount you declare, you accept this offer that accepts this information" TM SELECTION 2018 / International Trademarks and Service Markets Lists. “This letter is a scam.

Customers who use our company for their trademark applications come directly from us. We pay archiving and billing fees to our customers. No official US trade mark correspondence will ever come from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Some of these third-party letters containing formal words such as "trademark", "patent", "registration", "Office" or "Office". Most of them, if you are reading a great result, offer valuable services, such as those mentioned in the Trademark Selection Book, or they can offer you updates on renewal deadlines (what you have already paid to your trademark agent). Some of them do not provide services at all

Unfortunately, because these announcements may look quite official, some companies pay them, believing that they are legitimate. If you get a third-party correspondence, it is always best to be logged tavaramerkkiasiamiehellesi, but chances are, you can and you should ignore.

Here are a few of the companies we've seen fraudulently recently:

Trademark Choice, Inc.
Patent and Trademark Institute
Register of Protected Patents and Trademarks
ITP Service
S. Trademark Control Office
ITR register
Trademark Edition Oy
TPP Trademark and Patent Publication

And this list only scratches what is there about trademark scams. Official correspondence will again come from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) at Alexandria, Virginia, or will come directly from your trademark agent. If you receive official emails, they come from @ @ uspto.gov. If you receive one of these suspicious notifications, contact your intellectual property lawyer immediately. The USPTO is also available to answer questions regarding the status of the application.

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