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Nursing Home Neglect May Be Related to Staff Drug Abuse

Nursing Staff Drug Abuse for Residents

Residents of nursing homes are a particularly vulnerable population. Whether they are mental or physical weakness, they use nursing staff to give them food, medicine, and other daily needs. Unfortunately, neglect of nursing is an overly common feature in some nursing homes, and abuse of staff drugs can only cause problems. If your nursing home or other long-term care institution has neglected or abused your loved one contact the Dolman Law Group for free consultation at (727) 451-6900.

Signs of Nursing Failure

Family and friends often isolate residents of a nursing home. Although family members and friends would stay in regular contact with residents, they may feel afraid to complain about non-standard treatment, fearing that the staff is responsible or that friends and family do not believe them. However, look for these common signs of nursing neglect the next time you visit a loved one in a health care facility:

Sudden weight loss for unexplained reasonsBad's personal hygieneGood environment, such as dirty sheets and unswept floorsIlleses fall, or injuries (especially when you haven't received Notification about them) Resident of a nursing homeWandering away from nursing homeMedication not given in time

If you see any of these problems, discuss with the workers who should be investigated. Follow all official complaint procedures. And meet a nursing attorney who can discuss your options and, if necessary, explore more.

Remember – it's better to be safe than sorry. Nursing homes may occasionally get into chaos, and accidents even occur at the best locations. But you never know if your loved one's fall was due to a really inevitable accident or more systematic neglect unless you follow and express your concern.

Drug use by nursing staff – a very real problem

Most caregivers work hard and strive to provide patients with quality care. But some employees may become negligent and neglect patients, especially when they suffer from drug addiction. Like other health care institutions, nursing homes are full of prescription drugs and staff have easy access to them. Nursing homes have drugs such as morphine, Percocet and Dilaudid.

The American Nurses Association believes that about 10 percent of nurses suffer from drug dependence – the same addiction rate in the US population. Thus, the same rate of addition may be for other than nursing staff. When they respond slower under the influence of drugs, nurses and other workers, they have no concentration, and they can become unheard of or give up their jobs. If they suffer from withdrawal symptoms, they may behave wrongly or put others at risk.

How do drug abuse of personnel harm nursing residents?

The effects of drug abuse are often quite debilitating for those who are addicted, but when it comes to those around them, the damage can sometimes be just as bad. The nursing home staff is expected to provide professional care that will ensure the safety of the residents. When nursing staff are dependent on them, they are likely to ignore their tasks. This omission may vary from surveillance of large residents, failure to provide assistance, failure to provide medical treatment, malnutrition of residents dehydration of residents and, if necessary, non-provision of medical assistance

Residents of nursing homes who have become dependent on medicines are also more likely to develop abusive behavior towards residents. Their behavior can easily move hostile to the inhabitants when the hat falls. Residents may suffer from physical abuse by staff who are emotionally harmed by drug abuse or even sexual abuse . Disturbances in fuel dependency can cause staff to be stolen from the residents or sometimes tighten the drugs by threatening abuse.

How nursing homes are legally responsible

nursing home and other long-term care facilities have an obligation provides reasonable care of their residents and they can not pass up this responsibility by blaming their employees. The nursing home must be adequately supervised by the staff and not hired by unpaid workers. Anyone who actively abuse drugs is definitely indecisive to working with vulnerable residents.

Nursing homes can fulfill their legal obligation to provide reasonable care by carrying out criminal background checks in all their new salaries as part of hiring. In this way, they can catch up with police arresting workers who have been in possession of drugs and avoiding hiring these people. However, nursing homes that do not carry out background checks have been carrying out negligent pay practices

Long-term care should also carry out drug screening before hiring. Any applicant currently using drugs poses a serious risk of continuing drug use at home.

Caring for careless workers

consider careless rentals . it has to be argued that they should have properly investigated possible salaries, but not. In particular, you have to show:

The nursing home was forced to examine the applicant but it failed. Appropriate research would have revealed the applicant's inappropriate nursing home, which knew or ought to have known about the information, hired an employee in any case to put the population at a disproportionate risk

You should argue that the nursing home should have predicted that drug users during hiring would cause harm to residents. Taking into account the amount of analgesics and other drugs in nursing homes a lawyer can usually help you fill this burden without any difficulty.

Caring for care in a nursing home

After performing background checks, the service home is also responsible for the proper supervision of its staff. This means that the nursing home has a duty to investigate, rob, or release workers they know they see high or malpractice at work

Employers are also legally responsible when they must be reasonably aware that an employee abuses drugs . In other words, a nursing home cannot hide its head in the sand as an ostrich. If you see staff members who seem to be intoxicated or high – or if you suspect that painkillers or other drugs are missing from your loved one's room, please inform the facility administration. They have a duty to investigate and take appropriate action. If this is not the case, you can leave a legal claim for negligent supervision against the institution.

Contact Clearwater, Florida, Nursing Lawyer Today

Nursing home residents deserve qualified care, and you must be responsible for supervising their staff. In the Dolman Law Group, we help neglected nursing residents to get the compensation they deserve. Our lawyers are happy to sit with you to discuss the details of your case and to provide you with some options on how you can take legal action. Dolman Law has extensive experience in dealing with malpractice and neglect in nursing, and understands the sensitivity of the matter and how harmful nursing abuse and neglect can be. Consider the Dolman Law Group as the legal representative of the need for nursing abuse. We give you a personal attention that smaller companies would expect with the resources and results of a big company.

Call us today for a free consultation at (727) 451-6900 or complete this online contact form .

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