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Horse Riding Accidents: Helping you stay safe

Horse riding is an enjoyable hobby for many adults and children in the UK. According to British Horse Society (BHS) statistics, there are 944,000 horses and 1.3 million regular riders in Britain. However, there are a number of risks in riding, of which most experienced riders know. Horses are large and powerful beings, and falling can cause particularly destructive injuries. Many riders who have been riding for several years are already likely to have suffered some kind of damage.

In many cases, riding damage continues due to a clean accident that cannot be blamed on the other party. However, there are some cases where a person has been injured during riding without his own fault, and in these cases it may often be possible to make a personal injury claim.

General Riding Accidents:

The most common accidents are:

The horse has been disassembled or kicked
Has been injured while working with horses, such as a groom or instructor
Damage caused by defective or inappropriate devices such as saddle, resin, circumference or riding breech
Participation in a road accident
An injury caused by an inappropriate or unpredictable horse
Injuries caused by a weak road or paths that cause the rider to stumble or fall

General riding injuries:

Horses can reach speeds of up to 30 – 40 km / h, so dropping a horse at speed can cause serious and life-changing injuries and some may lead to death. The most common damages suffered by the applicants are:

Head injuries and brain damage
Spinal injuries
Broken bones

Riding accidents on the road:

In many areas, the lack of access routes and off-road hacking means that many riders have to go on the road. As a result, they often participate in road accidents, which often lead to injury to both the horse and the rider


BHS statistics show that since November 2010 there have been 2,900 horse events on the road, 230 horses have died on site or later because of an injury and 39 riders have been killed. During 2016 – 2017, 81% of these events occurred because the driver did not allow enough space between the vehicle and the horse, and one in five cases contained a car that collided with the horse


Drivers have a duty to take care of riders and be aware of the different needs of riders on the roads. For example, drivers may not beep to the horse, as they may jump and throw away the driver or cause interference on the road. Another point is that riders do not approach the right hand by moving in the middle of the road, but start turning right after the signaling when they are at the intersection they want to turn to.

How can riders prevent accidents?

Always wear high fluorescent lamps and reflective clothing when driving or off-road, even in bright sunlight.
Use protective headgear in accordance with current standards
Be careful, give clear and decisive signals
Get the BHS Rider Safe Award

How can motorists prevent accidents?

Slow slowdown to 15 mph when horses approach and go

Be patient, don't sound the horn or the engine
Move the horse wide (at least the width of the car) and slow
Drive slowly away


For insurance, people need to take out statutory insurance, but other policies, including insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, are optional. Equestrian insurance is also a voluntary category. If you are not insured, you can drive at your own risk. It is very important to introduce special insurance to cover any accident, such as damage to yourself, another person or property.

Making a Claim for Compensation After a Horse Accident:

All damages caused by equine riding or horses are not required for compensation. The law on such requirements may be complex and the individual circumstances of each case need to be carefully considered. For this reason, you should seek expert advice as soon as possible.

We have recently been a motorcyclist who started his bike on a horse with a horse, a woman who was injured during the training of a polo ponies, and a woman who fell when a horse that was raised on her general path caused a serious injury. Both customers received significant compensation

If you have been involved in a riding accident during the last three years, you may be entitled to claim compensation. If you want some of our team's advice, call us at 0114 218 4000 or email info@tayloremmet.co.uk

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