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Florida Nursing Home Malnutrition and Dehydration

Nursing People Suffer from Bad Nutrition Poor Care

The care of a nursing home or similar care is a surprisingly complex company. The responsibility of the nursing home staff is enormous because many of the residents they care for are particularly vulnerable . Elderly people who make up the population living in nursing homes may already have existing diseases that leave them to sleep, with limited mobility, with vulnerable organs, with weakened immune systems, and ultimately the need to pay particular attention to their diet. nutritional makeup.

t The duty of a caregiver, such as a nursing home, is to recognize that residents need not only have the right amount of food, but also that their meals provide the nutritional needs of the inhabitants.

What Causes Malnutrition and Drying?

When most people think of malnutrition they simply mix it without getting enough food. While getting food for inadequate food can be part of malnutrition, it is much more complicated than simply not eating. Nursing home residents can get three large meals a day and continue to suffer from malnutrition.

The concern should be more about what they eat than how much. Elderly people need different parts of food groups from different minerals, vitamins and nutrients more than anyone else. Sometimes a nursing home can provide a good amount of food, but does not offer a versatile menu to ensure that the residents get the nutrients they need. Every inhabitant may have different nutritional needs also to compensate for health-related deficiencies or to combat the symptoms of these conditions.

Dehydration in Nursing Homes

Dehydration can become a lot of concern and other similar care facilities for the elderly. The inhabitant should not only have enough water and fluids, but the nursing home staff should be able to find out exactly what the needs of the residents should be when it comes to moisturizing. Medical conditions can lead to people losing water faster than normal and requiring more water than a normal person.

Underuse and High Turnover Affect Nursing Home Malnutrition

One of the most common factors affecting nursing home abuse and neglect is disabled ]. Experienced nursing staff trained to meet the needs of nursing home residents have rarely grown. As a result, many nursing homes have been disabled and the relationship between nurses is dangerously different.

t Ideally, one caregiver would be responsible for 2-3 people with nutrition control, but sometimes the relationship may be as bad as one caregiver for 10-14 residents. When this happens, some residents may ignore nutrition and mistakes that lead to injury and, in the worst case, death.

Malnutrition and Drying Causes Health Problems

Elderly people living in nursing homes and other care facilities need to be given priority in nutrition, as the imbalance can be particularly detrimental to their sensitive constitution. Many residents of the nursing home also have the diseases they are dealing with and can be aggravated by nutritional imbalances. This aggravation can lead to complications on a number of medical issues that can cause serious injuries.

Dehydration is also one that can not only exacerbate the health status of nursing home residents, but can also cause serious complications. Dehydration complications include:

scenes Renal impairment coma Weak immune system Increased risk of infection Poor wound healing Muscle weakness and bone mass that can lead to landing and fractures Brain swelling

Signs of malnutrition and dehydration in nursing residents

] Reduced appetite Lack of interest in food and drink Tired feeling all the time Feeling weaker or tired Frequently ill and long recovery Wounds that last long Poor Concentration Very Cold Sensation Low Mood or Depression or dry mouth Intense thirst Dry paper skin Abnormal urination and frequency of bowel movement

Medical treatment Malnutrition and Drying Injury

]. Such negligence is unacceptable, and the responsible parties can be held liable in the medical service . Once this legal action has been taken, those who have been violated in this way can claim compensation for the damage they have suffered.

Seek Experienced Florida Older Abuse

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