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Airbag Collars Designed to Replace Helmets and Prevent Bicycle Accident Injuries

Alternative Promises for Airbag Bicycle Helmets Safe Cycling and Headaches in Bicycle Accidents

Is it always safer to do without a helmet than a helmet for a bicycle tour? In other words, are there scenarios where the cyclist is less likely to have serious personal injury in a bicycle accident if he does not wear a helmet? Business Insider published new "airbag collar" advertised "Safer Alternative to Traditional Bicycle Helmet" "And American cyclists will soon be able to buy them as the latest means of reducing bicycle deaths a year.

What is an airbag collar and how could it improve the efficiency of a bicycle helmet? The product is known as the Hövding Bicycle Collar and makes itself the safest bike helmet on the market. describes the product as "unusual appearance", but has nevertheless become "somewhat mainstream and no longer causes eyebrows when detected on Stockholm roads. , Copenhagen and Berlin. “Although the product is only sold in Europe and used by European cyclists, the company plans to expand to the US market this year.

In the event of an accident, it is claimed that a bicycle helmet of the airbag that has literally worn around the rider's neck can swell in 0.1 seconds. Hopefully this will affect bicycle accident statistics by reducing injuries and deaths a year.

According to a efficiency study of a bicycle helmet, the bicycle helmet of a Hövding airbag can be safer than traditional bicycle helmets and much better which prevents major injuries [1945900]] . Recently, a bicycle helmet research by Stanford University researchers showed that the collar provides eight times better protection than a traditional bike helmet. In addition, researchers say there is a risk that cyclists traveling at 16 miles per hour will have a serious head injury, 90% with a traditional cycling helmet, but only 2% with a Hövding bicycle collar. According to them, this new product could be considered the safest bike helmet available to consumers

How does the Hövding airbag bike helmet work? It includes sensors that monitor the cyclist's movements at 200 times per second. These sensors detect alternative movements associated with the cycling accident and then fill the cyclist's protection against head and neck damage. The newer versions of the bicycle helmet of the airbag in 2019 are "even safer, more comfortable and also connected to the smartphone."

t In the meantime, always wear a helmet when riding!

Understanding bicycle accident statistics

Hövding's bicycle collar replaces traditional helmets throughout the country. Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center refers to the following general facts and figures about bicycle crashes in the United States:

Bicycle Deaths a Year Have Risen about 6% in a decade, when a bicycle accident was injured in more than 2% of injuries, In 2016, 818 bicycle accidents and 45,000 cyclists suffered serious accidents, An average cyclist who died in an accident is 45 years old 88% of fatal cyclists are men; and About 35% of bicycle accidents are related to either an intoxicated motorist or intoxicated cyclist.

If you are injured in a bicycle collision, talk to about your bicycle accident options.

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