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Unsolicited Calls: Why we will never be associated with them

Do not you hate those unwanted calls that call you to make a personal injury claim for an accident that may or may not have happened?

Cold calling, unwanted texts and emails give a bad name to those who get work from these approaches, and this is just one of the reasons why Tayor & Emmet never relate to those users.

But who does these unwanted calls?

The chances are that it is a phone center that has acquired your information from a third party whose details you will probably never find. If you were involved in an accident involving call / text / e-mail, and even if it seems convenient for someone to show you interest in your case and on your side, you should be careful. We have faced many clients who have exchanged lawyers and guided us when they were dissatisfied with the service they offered through such approaches.

The scope of this practice was revealed in May 2017 when Dungeon Keurboom Communications Limited was fined £ 400,000 to make more than 100 million incidents.

Why Should You Teach Your Own Lawyer

It's very easy to find a reputable lawyer, we always recommend choosing your own, preferably one that you have previously used or recommended by an earlier customer. An important part of the personal injury process is the ability to meet your lawyer, so it would be advisable to find a local area, perhaps a friend or family member may be before.

As a result of cold calling, solicitors are probably unnoticeable about their expertise, location, or reputation. It may be that your case is handled by inexperienced paralegal and not as a reputable and qualified lawyer or lawyer you will never meet.

We want to meet our customers face to face with our Sheffield and Derbyshire four sites and provide the best service for all our personal injury to our customers. We recommend clients to resolve their claim at the right time, which is usually when the injuries have been resolved and an appropriate medical expert can give a precise prediction instead of accelerating them to a quick solution based on a vague, short medical statement that was soon received after the accident.

Personal injury disabilities are the top priority in the heart and we want to make a difference to your life, so we trust our reputation. If you want to talk to our team, call us at 0114 218 4000 or by email info@tayloremmet.co.uk ].

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Jonathan Stittle, Head of the Personal Injury Department, joined Taylor & Emmeti in 1986 and became a partner a year later.

He studied law at Oxford and Chester and has been a member of the Law Society's personal injury panel since it was founded in 1994.

Further information via email jonathan.stittle@tayloremmet.co.uk or call him at 0114 218 4049.

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