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Injury Lawyer Blog: What Holiday Has The Most Accidents in Florida?

Thanksgiving Traveling hurriedly over and over on holidays in December, injured lawyers in South Florida are trying to answer the question we often hear: Which vacation is the most casualty?  What a Holiday Is Most Accidents "width =" 300 "height =" 225 "/> </a> </p>
<p> Of course, it depends on what kind of car accident we are talking about, and there is much to do with it in the country. For example, if we talk about the kind of vacation most casualties in parking lots, they peak in December, though black Friday is ripe for such collisions. </p>
<p> Oscola County County Car Accident In Florida, Turnpike left one dead dead when a Ford Explorer driver carrying 10 passengers crashed to avoid another sporting class that suddenly changed from the rivers where Explorer exploded several times. Nine people – including five children – were injured and one died <a href= by FOX35 Orlando . On the same day that same day in the same county, another death occurred in the same Florida Turnpike tube when the driver announced an abrupt change of bandwidth and was backward. That driver suffered from serious injuries. A passenger, 28, died. Another driver suffered minor injuries. (As explained by our Orlando car accident lawyers, the assumption of a rear-end crash that the back driver was wrong, the presumption can be overruled if the driver leads a change that is completely unexpected or unjustified or causes a collision.)

US-. road deaths have generally risen in recent years, and thanksgiving is indeed one of the most comfortable holidays for motorists. Over the past year, the National Security Council has reported a total of 40,200 deaths, which is 6% more than in the previous year and 13% 2 years ago. It's the biggest rise over half a century, according to the New York Times

But what is the most common disaster as a whole?

Most traffic accidents may perhaps be surprisingly Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Work Day, and Independence Day. Although the statistics for the most casualties in the holiday are somewhat varied, there are a few factors that play an important role in seeing more crashes than most others today. They are:

Heavy travel. More people are on the streets on vacation. Driving is often much cheaper than flying, though it is not an effective timetable. The more you get caught up in the road, the more it crashes.
The day the holiday falls. While vacations, such as memorial days, working days, and Thanksgiving are the same day and lead to long weekends, other holidays such as Christmas and New Year falls on different days – and they are usually deadly when they stay on the weekend. For example, in 2012, NSC announced 350 Christmas fatal accidents at a national accident as it declined during the weekend. The next year, when it fell in the middle of the week, the estimated number of deaths was 105.
Alcohol. Many people imbibe during the holidays, which may not be a problem unless they get behind the wheel. Because when they do, even if we know a great risk for ourselves and others on the road, we tend to see alcohol-related deaths in these times. During the five-year period, estimates of traffic accidents estimated during the New Year's holiday were 42 percent due to alcohol. During the holiday season, about 35 percent of traffic accidents were due to alcohol deterioration, which is closer to the typical average.
Condition of the Space Although this is not a problem in Florida, north, when road conditions are snowy or frozen, there are usually fewer passengers. The same applies to vacation times, as in the fourth of July, when road conditions generally are better.

Ultimately, there are no tough and fast answers what kind of vacation is the most casualties since it varies annually. South Florida car insurance lawyers want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and require safety on your way at all times.

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