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Will the Civil Liability Bill affect you….

 Is there a civil liability to you ... "width =" 5184 "height =" 3456 As many of you may have read, the Act on Responsibility can be implemented in 2019. If it enters into force in its present form, the law increases the thresholds for minor claims to £ 5,000.00 for soft tissue injuries. This means that persons suffering from soft tissue injuries and small psychological conditions (no fractures, head injuries , PTSD or hemorrhagic injuries) resulting from a road accident of less than 5000 pounds to their low claims.

Moreover, those who have suffered a loss can no longer charge for legal costs or medical costs, so they must now pay a lawyer to assist them in their case. If they win, their legal fees will be totally deducted from their remuneration, while they will receive most of their opponents.

In addition, the bill on civil liability sets out a proposal for the introduction of a tariff-based compensation scheme, reducing the amount of compensation and fixing the sliding scale of injuries according to its duration. Attorneys currently appreciate cases using the law schools of law, which show the recommended values ​​for injuries and the reported field. If the figures do not agree, the judge appreciates the claim.

JCG guidelines are governed by parent judges and updated and reviewed annually. The new flat rate proposal significantly reduces the amount of compensation to a person suffering from soft tissue injuries, which reduces the amount of compensation by more than 50%. It may be that most of the damages that can be claimed are used to pay the costs and costs of sickness reports that are necessary to promote their claims.

An example of how new proposals affect the injured:

I recently represented the gentleman who drove his wife to visit a nearby hospital, where he was involved in road traffic accident when another driver pulled out of his car and crashed into sivuseikältä injury, causing significant damage, as well as the neck, back, shoulder and leg injuries.

Emergency services were called and our client had to pack his vehicle before he was taken to the hospital where he was staying. He had a considerable amount of pain for some time and he could not visit his wife.

Other driver insurers initially refused liability on the grounds that the customer had not given up. During the months of hard work and negotiations, a third party claimed to be fully responsible for the collision. We arranged the necessary physiotherapy treatment to help our clients recover from their injuries and cognitive behavioral behavior to assist him with the psychological symptoms he suffers. Ultimately, we received damages of EUR 3,800.

If our client had an accident when civil liability was in force, he would have to pay a legal representative to assist in combating his case and pay for a medical report. Our customers would also have recovered considerably less damage. He could have thought that it would not be profitable to continue the case with the insurer's skilled debtor's lawyers and lawyers by saving insurance companies thousands of pounds.

Bill should not come into law as we think. It has been taken as if the insurance company had prepared the fact that actually injured people are being deprived of the compensation they deserve after road accidents and are denied the right to fairness!

You can write to your local local representative on this subject, their details can be found here .

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