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Adjusting head restraints: APIL focus on avoiding needless injuries.

 Adjustment of the head restraint "width =" 4256 "height =" 2832 APILs are committed to campaigning to reform the injured laws so that at worst people can exercise their right , concern and fair compensation.

We all prefer that people have not been hurt unnecessarily at first and on August 15, 2018 is the APIL injury prevention day when it wants people to think about what they can do to prevent harm to themselves and others.

This year, we focus on avoiding unnecessary injuries by ensuring that vehicle head restraints are properly adjusted. In the UK there are 50 percent more traffic on roads than the European average, and this congestion and bad driving habits create a low speed recipe for collisions and injuries. The head restraint is designed to limit head movements and support it in an accident. Properly adjusted head restraints help protect you from your stomach and possibly save you from long-term injuries.

How to adjust the main limit

Most people do not know how to place headdresses properly or do not take the time to do it, leaving them vulnerable to injury. The correct adjustment of the head restraint should be

Make sure the upper part of the headrest is as high as the top of the head
Place the headrest as close as possible to your rear

Properly adjusted head restraints help prevent spraying by reducing the distance between the head and the headrest and preventing the neck bending. It also reduces the time when your head reaches first with the head restraint and adds the time to support your head during an accident. Head restraint that is too low or too far away does not protect the head and neck accident.

Locking head restraints are important. The head restraint that can not be locked in position can move during the accident. This can jeopardize the number of safety devices. There is also a risk that passengers in the rear seat will get in and out of the vehicle and the accident can move the child seat off.

You should also think of headache and abdominal pain prevention when buying a car. It is important to make sure that the head restraint can be properly adjusted so that it is right behind the head. You must always sit in the vehicle before purchasing it to make sure that the safety device can be adjusted to a safe and comfortable position.

Drivers who experience discomfort from the headrest position may be able to alleviate this by adjusting the seat back or bottom. Drivers should not replace the head restraint with another vehicle without consulting the manufacturers as this may compromise the driver's safety and may affect the insurance coverage in the event of an accident.

Technology to prevent abdominal pain

There are two new systems that are common in vehicles that can reduce the risk of sore throat

Active Head Guard: This consists of a presser foot and a swing system in the back of the seat. When the passenger body moves to the seat during the initial collision, it touches the seat seat pressure plate and activates the active head restraint. The head restraints move towards the passenger's head, creating an earlier contact time between the two and a longer longer support period during the accident.
WHIPS seat: These seats have a fixed fixed head restraint that can not be adjusted because the entire backrest is designed to provide good geometry and prevent crew from splashing. It ensures that the movement of the head and body is similar and increases the time during which the passenger is in contact with the head restraint.

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